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Dreams become inevitable if we have the courage to pursue them

Jo Foster

Jo was a successful Amateur rider and now trains the horses. She brings her wealth of knowledge to producing and training, riding out daily and working closely with the jockeys. She likes to concentrate on the horses individual requirements to train and place them according. Any spare time Jo enjoys skiing, hunting, extreme sports (an adrenalin junkie is one way to describe her) and she whips-in to the Pendle Hunt. She regularly takes the racehorses hunting if they need sweetening up or a change of scenery. She loves the job. Jo is a very keen charity fundraiser, including for the IJF and the Countryside Alliance. Read her journalistic skills every Saturday in the Yorkshire Post – her column ‘Over the stable door’ is very popular.

Peter Foster

Loves driving the box to the races and getting a free dinner! Peter is a farmer, Point-to-point trainer ,the landlord and the box driver. Unsuccessful at gambling so beware of his tips but has a good strike rate with training the pointers. Always on hand for the manual work in the yard – fencing, repairing tractors, topping, fencing…what would we do without him!

Becky Ogg

Becky has worked on the yard for a number of years and is part-time now, she enjoys her riding out. She lives on a farm near Pateley Bridge is very good at turning her hand to everything, she gets stuck in to any task and is full of common sense with sheep, dogs and horses. She enjoys going racing, is a hard worker and always always has a smile on her face. She has ridden in a few charity races on her own ex-racehorse and always gets placed. Great fun to have around.

Dawn Henry

Dawn has worked in racing before and loves leading up her winners. She has been with us a few years now and travels in every day from her home near Leeds. She has ridden in a number of charity races and won them all on our own Houndscourt. She will be riding in August for the IJF at Catterick next. She does have her own horse she keeps nearby and loves cats. She is good at keeping everyone on time, and is a very competitive lady.

Jordan Brown

Jordan joined us just in time, November, the day Jo had her serious accident. He has worked in racing before and enjoys brushing and plaiting up…. err well maybe not – he’s a strong rider who gives great feedback and always notices the little things. He thinks he’s really funny so we don’t want to tell him that sometimes he actually is, and he looks a lot like Jesus – in fact, he might be.

Alicia Todd

Alicia has been with us for a few years since she arrived in a work experience placement from Askham Bryan College where she was studying an equine diploma. She is a very quiet, light rider who settles the more excitable horses well. She is also very much a perfectionist, everything looks immaculate when Alicia has been on the case. She is a real asset to the team, popular, always polite and good fun.

Other team members include two 15-year-old trainee apprentices who come a few mornings per week with assistance from Ilkley Grammar school where they are pupils. Talulah Whittington, who also has a racing pony with us, and Ben MacNulty who had never been near a horse in his life before he arrived last summer, he was always keen on racing and is a natural sportsman – being annoyingly good at everything he tries!


From left to right:

Talulah (mid) with Jordan and Dawn at Skipton Races, Ben leads up Talulahs racing pony, Danny Cook before winning on Houndscourt, Sean Quinlan winning on Chase The Wind, and Henry ‘Dirk Diggler’ Brooke, (Henry Brooke has won on Two Hoots, Lammturner, Urban Gale, Houndscourt and Frankie Ballou and is a positive front running rider).